Home sauna Finnish sauna Using their own hands in the Home, apartment, garage

Finnish sauna Using their own hands in the Home, apartment, garage


One of our compatriots in all their forms of steam chambers are extremely valued. Unforgettable is the pleasure that the visitor receives throughout the heating in the hot heating and steam by jumping to a real snow bank or a chilly pool. But we’ve not heard the title»Finnish sauna», however the term»sauna» is observed regularly.

It’s fairly difficult to construct your own sauna, using the technologies that came from Finland, but should you’ve got the necessary sum of money, plenty of patience and time, you can make this type of structure to lifetime. Begin construction should begin with a study of the characteristics that has a Finnish sauna and other assumptions in the building being erected. Assembling the base to get a round bath

Making a bath-tub takes a careful approach to the alternative of wood, that will be used in the building, as there’ll be no additional interior design.

It is categorically not possible to utilize for the building of softwoods which include a good deal of resin, which when heated can burn skin and have a negative effect on the lymph system.

The only exception is cedar wood. Such a plank for the bath-box will be among the greatest choices, since it’s a healing effect on the human body due to the content of essential oils along with other components. Furthermore, cedar timber does not crack and does not change form when heatedresistant to high temperatures and attacks by bacteria. And the gorgeous textured surface provides the space a exceptional allure and aesthetic.

Very good for the production of bath-tub wood is walnut, which has good strength, hardness and durability. And under the influence of rust, bamboo becomes much stronger. But, oak boards are quite pricey, so they’re used more often for producing pieces of furniture in the bath compared to the construction of the walls.

The look of oak wood is very attractive — a deep dark color combined with a gorgeous texture. All these indicators along with the medicinal properties of bamboo make it quite acceptable for baths.

But more frequently the meeting of bath-boxes is constructed from linden. It gives the room a nice odor and a distinctive healing atmosphere. Linden has substances that enable to treat respiratory diseases, liver and kidney, to cure skin ailments, to rejuvenate and purify the skin.

All wooden elements https://masterfasada.ru/ inside the structure of the bath, both walls and floor, as well as furniture, should rather be coated with linseed oil, so the timber is less susceptible to moisture.

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