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Finishing putty: the subtleties of Choice and use


Finishing putty can itself function as final decorative finish.

Its immediate Objective is:

  • Ultimate alignment of the outside;
  • removal of minor defects in the wall or ceiling;
  • Strengthening the protective properties of the treated surface: water resistance, cold and heat resistance, resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, etc;
  • giving the necessary performance properties into the base layer, for instance, plasticity, to avoid cracking.
  • Improving the standard of the working surface following the previous rougher remedy and preparing it for additional completing;
  • Giving the surface a decorative appearance, uniform coloration.

«Knauf-Multifinish glue» ready-made polymer filler 20kg

KNAUF-Multi-finish paste is a readymade filler mix according to polymer dispersion with vitamin limestone filler and additives that regulate the properties of this mixture.

It is used indoors for:

  • Puttying the joints involving KNAUF-sheets with a thinned edge (UC) and a straight cut border, together with reinforcing tape;
  • Finishing puttying the joints and surface of KNAUF-sheets, inserted with the mixture KNAUF-Fugenfuller or KNAUF-Uniflot, at the preparation of this surface for high quality painting;

KNAUF-Multi-finish glue shouldn’t be used for sealing joints between perforated sound absorbing gypsum boards.


  • Doesn’t need blending and aging;
  • comes with an elastic consistency;
  • fills the joints well;
  • dries fast;
  • can be easily sanded;
  • has a great adhesion to the substrate;
  • has a high degree of whiteness following drying.

Material consumption

Consumption of the filler mixture is:

  • After sealing the joints of KNAUF-sheets using a thin edge of the AC ~ 0.30-0.35 kg/m2
  • at complete puttying of the face with 1 mm coating thickness ~ 1.7 kg/m2

Procedure of works

The warmth of the foundation along with the space air must be 10°C.

KNAUF-boards have to be firmly assembled on the load-bearing framework, be sterile, clean and dust-free. Puttying the joints of KNAUF-boards should be produced at the operational temperature and humidity requirements, after all work related to its modifications, which instills linear deformations of gypsum board sheets.

Plaster https://gidpostroy.ru/ and concrete bases must be even, dry, cleaned of dust, dirt and delamination. Large irregularities or damages must be emptied with KNAUF-Fugenfüller compound and dried.

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