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The Education Of A Speculator A Book By Victor Niederhoffer


Today, Goodwin is the principal of Goodwin Trading Corporation, an investment advisor registered with the SEC. His clients include non-profit organizations and high net worth private investors. His investors have not had a losing month, but they have racked up double-digit annual returns. Furthermore, Goodwin is a noted patron of several Manhattan cultural institutions.

victor niederhoffer biography

For the next two years, he and Michael Capasso led an effort, called NYCO Renaissance, Ltd., to revive the company. The finances of the group were supported by a $1.35 million pledge by Niederhoffer. After a protracted legal battle, in January 2016 Niederhoffer and Capasso’s effort was approved by the creditors of NYCO as well as the NY State Attorney General to reorganize and revive the company. Niederhoffer resigned from the NYCO Board in February 2019 for personal reasons, to focus on his growing business and young family. Victor was a top trader for George Soros before starting his own fund in the ’90s and then writing the classic investment text Education of a Speculator.

Victor Niederhoffer

That was the greatest lesson of the book — you have to be with the trend, not betting against it. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again one day, but it’s sitting pretty on a shelf right now collecting dust. To see what your friends thought of this book,please sign up. According to various sources, Victor Niederhoffer’s net worth has grown significantly in 2021.

Rather than giving up, he wrote this book figuring that by trying to teach others, I might learn something myself, apparently with some success. Niederhoffer was ranked No. 6 for the year 2003 among 200 managed futures hedge funds victor niederhoffer biography in the TASS database, and is No. 4 in the performance rankings through mid-2004. Niederhoffer is the author of the critically acclaimed Education of a Speculator as well as numerous groundbreaking academic articles about markets.

  • Some terrific work on behavioural finance has been published in recent years, although from an investment perspective, it’s hard to beat that produced by strategist James Montier of the global investment management firm GMO.
  • I myself find these experiments fascinating and think they contribute to the burgeoning understanding of the all-important area of decision theory.
  • At the end of the nineteenth century, his paternal great-grandparents moved from Austria to the Lower East Side, where several of their seven sons sold fruit from a horse and cart.
  • In 1975 he defeated the legendary Khan Sharif in the final of U.S.
  • He was a finance professor at the University of California, Berkeley (1967–1972).
  • From its establishment through 1999, his firm’s returns were essentially flat.

Niederhoffer was unable to come up with the cash, and the next morning Refco liquidated his portfolio. During the morning, stocks had continued to fall, and he knew that if he had waited he could have made an even bigger profit.

His father, Arthur, in 1939, he graduated from Brooklyn Law School and went to work in the police, because there was a higher salary and social guarantees better than lawyers. forex software trading The boy grew up in a small apartment, decorated in bright decorative style Art Deco, “is located one block from the beach, railway station and public school number 225.

The third daughter is named Rand , given to her in honor of Ayn Rand – Another extremely important for Niderhoffera personality. Her ideas are very popular in America, at one time had a great influence on the former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan . Shortly after the book came out, Niederhoffer took Galt to lunch at the Four Seasons and told her that her book had been prescient. “Doc, what happens when the market is down twelve points at one o’clock and it has been down significantly the previous two days? ” A few minutes later, Castaldo handed him another computer printout.


He also extracts lessons from different areas of life and relates them to market speculation and price movements. Some of the associations he makes are obvious and some are not-so-obvious . He also sporadically talks about his association with George Soros. On the second floor of the mansion Niderhoffer Victor and his team of traders working at wooden desks in two rooms connected by a door. Niderhoffer known for recruiting young and exceptionally talented traders and teaches them the art market the game, encouraging the development of their own trading strategies.

victor niederhoffer biography

He explained that when the U.S. market was falling he preferred to track the DAX, a German stock index that generally moves in synch with the American market. “You can see how much you are losing, but it doesn’t hurt as much as watching the S. Based on his shortcomings (i.e. his lack of passion for trading, his need for intellectual validation, and his lack of trading skills) soft forex that have led to multiple terminal failures, one could argue that he shouldn’t be managing other people’s money. One could even further argue that it would be best if he didn’t trade at all, and that he should simply be an analyst who does research and analysis in a strictly advisory role. In response to these questions, I think Niederhoffer needs to do two things.

Net Worth Post

She lives in Brooklyn and is the daughter of hedge fund manager Victor Niederhoffer and Ms. Gail Niederhoffer; she is the niece of hedge fund manager Roy Niederhoffer. At that point I had enough of his supposed ideas and it took everything in mean to finish this book. This book is a great book that touches on so many different topics in life (and how they’re linked to speculation). In particular, I liked the discussions on weather board games poker sports etc. The author recommended a list of books too, which I’ll add to my reading list. I tried reading this book twice and failed on both occasions. I just can’t get past Niederhoffer’s self-absorbed ramblings and unnecessary talk about squash.

victor niederhoffer biography

Anyone who has read the popular article written by John Cassidy in 2007 about Niederhoffer in the New Yorker («The Blow-Up Artist») sees how much valuable information and lessons he has to share. If only Niederhoffer didn’t try to sound so profound, and had fused his undeniable intelligence with equal parts vulnerability, then maybe this could have been a reality. This led Niederhoffer to adopt dozens of new trading rules, and to diversify by balancing his positions with various momentum plays. He also added individual stocks to his portfolio, from the 800 most-liquid US and European stocks. His revised approach led to a notable change in his firm’s performance, as from 1999 through March 2009 the firm’s annualized gain exceeded 17%.

By Victor Niederhoffer

Since then, he shall preside at all meetings taking place on the first Thursday of each month. The idea of an intellectual salon Junto Niderhofferu prompted the meeting, which took place under the same name in Philadelphia from 1727 to 1757 years. Victor Niederhoffer was born on the 10th of December 1943, which was a Friday. On May 3, 2006, the day that Aubrey was born, Niederhoffer’s wife, Susan, filed for divorce. As his spouse and the legal owner of many of his assets, which he had transferred to her in 1997, she had claim to much of his fortune.

victor niederhoffer biography

They dissolved the company when Niederhoffer and Grossman left to attend college at Harvard, though Niederhoffer’s interest in computers continued. The crisis in the subprime-mortgage market changed all this. In the stock market, volatility was more pronounced than it had been for years.

A regular guy struggles with a repressive home and professional life, as well as making amends for the trouble his free-spirited brother and sister cause about town. Danny Stein is a senior at the bottom of the social food chain. A comedy about a woman who saves her chicken farm and her family by agreeing to be the subject of a reality show with a celebrity weight loss expert. A tape reader, Livermore was as comfortable going short as he was long (“a man does not have to marry one side of the market till death do them part”), making a fortune during the crashes of 1907 and 1929, and losing several more in between.

She says, consider a farmer with just one blade of seed corn left. Or plant it, so that more corn will be available in the future? Heyne and Boettke in the Economic Way of Thinking extend the analogy with discussion of what farmers would do in a corn blight. They’ll pull some corn out of current consumption in order to carry it over to the fall when they believe the price will be higher. After his wife was killed in the Iraq war, a father takes his two daughters on a road trip, all the while searching for the right time and place to tell them about their mother’s fate.

Father, Son & Co

Victor Niederhoffer was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family. Niederhoffer studied statistics and economics at Harvard University and the University of Chicago. Before he was twenty-four, Goodwin forex software had landed a job at a prestigious Manhattan based offshore hedge fund. He was given the role of chief technical analyst in a new firm founded by the former Tiger Management Macro Trading team.

His habit of getting overly-philosophical seems like a way of trying to intellectually justify trading. These attempts, combined with Niederhoffer’s abstract style, seemed to cloud the book’s purpose, which confused and put off many readers.

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