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My name is Uladzimir Zhyhachou, I’ll be there for you until late in the evening.


My name is Uladzimir Zhyhachou, I’ll be there for you until late in the evening.

In some places there is a lack of drinking water and food. In the morning, an 82-year-old was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Föhren in the Trier-Saarburg district. According to the police, the man was driving his car on the main road towards the center of the village when he turned left off the lane. He hit a power distribution box and eventually crashed into a garage. He suffered serious injuries in the process. Because the distribution box was damaged, there was a temporary power outage in the place.

The main road was completely closed for about an hour. It is still unclear why the senior citizen went off the road. Martin Horn is open about his illness. (Photo: dpa) In July, Martin Horn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For the independent mayor of Freiburg, this is initially a Shock. But, as he now describes, he is now practicing acceptance and becoming more and more routine.

He has changed his diet and has to take two to four insulin injections a day, says the 34-year-old. Now he is taking the next step: He is making his illness public. He decided to do so because he wanted to «send an encouraging sign against stigmatization», said Horn shortly before World Diabetes Day on Saturday.

Previously, only those close to him knew about the disease. In type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, the pancreas is unable to produce its own insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the far more common form of disease, the effectiveness of insulin on the body cells decreases over the years. In addition to the age of the person concerned, the lifestyle is also a pre-stress.

The most important risk factor is being overweight. Today there are still last showers in the northeast, otherwise the sun often shines from time to time. From Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate to Hesse, Franconia and the Danube, it is first foggy and cloudy and later often heavily cloudy. In the afternoon there will be some rain in the west and in the evening also in the northwest.

Most of the sunshine comes again in the Alps and from Saxony-Anhalt to the Ore Mountains. Temperatures reach 10 degrees in Western Pomerania and fishing up to 17 degrees in Breisgau. On Saturday there is still some rain in places in the morning, in the northeast also in the afternoon. But the sun spreads from the south. In the Allgäu it is consistently sunny.

The maximum values ​​range from 11 degrees on the Baltic Sea to 18 degrees in Freiburg and the Kaiserstuhl. Yes, these lamps were actually made from cow dung. (Photo: dpa) India has a cow problem: farmers repeatedly abandon male cows or older female animals that no longer give milk. These then roam the streets and cause traffic accidents. The reason for the abandonment: The farmers do not want to keep cows that are not financially viable.best biology essay writing service But they don’t want to kill her either — because of religious feelings, for example.

Now the government is trying to kill two birds with one stone: For the upcoming Diwali Festival of Lights, which is as important for Hindus as it is for many Germans at Christmas, the authorities are promoting lights made from cow dung. In the center of the festival there are usually many small lights, which often come from China as cheap LED lamps. But due to heightened tensions between India and neighboring China, these are currently not so popular. Authorities and private households have therefore bought around 330 million crap lights for the multi-day festival of lights with the highlight on tomorrow Saturday.

The proceeds from the manure lights will help shelters that take care of stray cows and farmers with cows, cow protection spokesman Pureesh Kumar said. Good morning, I have good news for you to start the day: superstitious people have to get out before today Friday the 13th, don’t be afraid. Gothaer Versicherung found out that there are neither more nor fewer accidents on this day than on any other day. The year 2020 is actually something good in this regard: Due to changes in behavior in the corona pandemic, the number of claims per week has fallen by 13 percent compared to 2019. «In normal years we record between 500 and 600 damage a day — and Friday the 13th has always been a solid average,» explains Tobias Eichholz from Gothaer.

Storms or power outages would have a much greater impact on the amount of damage. Mondays are also far more dangerous than Fridays. In the Corona year 2020 there were on average between 400 and 500 cases of damage a day. On Friday, March 13th, 2020, 439 cases were reported. These topics are becoming important today: I hope I was able to take away the horror of today’s date with the small damage balance above.

My name is Friederike Zörner. I’m on duty until the early afternoon for the «» day «». If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at friederike.zoerner [at] nama.de His name is Bond, her name is Ryder. (Photo: imago images / Cinema Publishers Collection) Even those who never «» 007 are chasing Dr. No «» from 1962 knows this scene: Actress Ursula Andress emerges as Jamaican shell collector Honey Ryder in a bikini and turns James Bond’s head (played by Sean Connery). On the two-piece is a belt with a gold buckle, on the side of which is a diving knife.

The famous swimwear was supposed to change hands for a hefty price, but it did not find a buyer at auction in the USA. The white two-piece, which made the Swiss actress a sex symbol at the time, had been classified in advance as a sought-after piece at the Hollywood memorabilia auction. The starting bid was a whopping 300,000 dollars (around 254,000 euros).

The auction house Profiles in History near Los Angeles had expected bids from all over the world. Will he be turning his back on Number 10 soon? (Photo: REUTERS) He is one of the powerful Brexiteers who consider Britain’s exit from the EU to be a historic achievement and has been setting the tone on Downing Street for some time: Dominic Cummings. It is now reported that the influential British government adviser may step down this year. The channels Sky and BBC reported that night about the impending resignation of the confidante of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Previously, a power struggle between different groups within the management level had made headlines, which is also considered to be the reason for the previously announced resignation of Johnson’s communications chief Lee Cain.

Cain and Cummings maintain a close relationship with one another. Was there any manipulation in the US presidential election? Incumbent Trump at least claims that, but has so far lacked evidence.

Several US authorities have also failed to find any evidence to support Trump’s claims. They take the wind out of his sails. «Thousands of people are protesting in front of the Reichstag building against the federal government’s corona policy. The demonstration is escalating, the police are using water cannons, hundreds are being arrested. Meanwhile, members of the Bundestag are voting on the reform of the Infection Protection Act .

The majority votes in favor, in the afternoon the law also passes the Federal Council. You can read here what exactly will be changed. Everything else that was important today: I’ll say goodbye after work and wish you a good night! See you tomorrow! After the Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey waived her doctorate in the affair of plagiarism in her dissertation, the Free University of Berlin is subjecting the work to a new examination.

The cute Labrador puppy Amy died in the arms of its owner after being run over by an e-bike driver. The police are now looking for the cyclist who is said to have fled after the incident in Mühlheim. After the bird flu outbreak in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, 67,000 laying hens had to be killed in two companies. It is primarily about containing the epidemic, said the vice district administrator of the Rostock district, Stephan Meyer.

The district of Rostock also required stables in risk areas near rivers, lakes, the coast and resting places for migratory birds. The French extreme athlete Vince Reffet, known as «Jetman», is dead. The 36-year-old has a fatal accident while training in the Dubai desert.

Reffet is known for its extreme flying adventures, for example through the so-called Heaven’s Gate in Tianmen National Park in China. Two bombs exploded on November 21, 1974 in Birmingham, England. 21 people were killed in the process (Photo: AP) Two bomb explosions in Birmingham in November 1974 killed 21 people and injured 182 others.

Now, 46 years after the attacks, a 65-year-old has been arrested in Belfast. As the security authorities announced, the arrest was made on suspicion of having committed a terrorist act. The man’s apartment is being searched and he is being interrogated in a Northern Irish police station. Two weeks after the French government dissolved the «Gray Wolves» in their country, the Bundestag now also wants to stop the right-wing extremist Turkish organization in Germany. «» Gray wolves «» could soon be banned in Germany. (Photo: imago / Michael Trammer) A joint motion by the CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP and the Greens, which was approved by the parliamentary majority, calls on the federal government to ban the associations the so-called Ülkücü movement. It was racist, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic and threatened internal security in this country, according to the German constitution protection report, the «gray wolves» are carriers and disseminators of nationalist-right-wing extremist ideas. The organization also has ties to the ultra-nationalist MHP party in Turkey, which forms a government alliance there with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP. At the record age of at least 46 years, the female king penguin «» Grandma «died in the Wuppertal zoo.» «Grandma» «died at the proud age of 46. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) At the weekend, a 13-year-old in Hamburg took ecstasy together with two friends — now she is in mortal danger. After taking the tablet, it worked The girl was getting worse and worse, so the emergency services were alerted and she was taken to the hospital, the police said.

The condition of her friends is stable. The police have not yet been able to say where the drugs came from. The State Criminal Police Office is investigating the case. The mood is tense — thousands of people are protesting outside.

But the Bundestag is changing the Infection Protection Act and thus ensuring more legal security for corona measures. The opposition criticized the process and the content, and the Landliebe company recalled various types of pudding. Affected are the 4×125 gram packs of the varieties «» Landliebe semolina pudding traditional «», «» Landliebe semolina pudding cinnamon «» and «» Landliebe cream pudding chocolate «» with a best before date of December 21, 2020. A health impairment through consumption cannot be ruled out, announced the company.

A microbiological impairment was found in individual packs, which can lead to premature spoilage. According to Landliebe, the retail partners supplied have already taken the affected products out of sale. Always goes to the toilet before leaving the house: Stuart Nash. (Photo: imago images / AAP) Stuart Nash, New Zealand’s tourism minister, has announced that it will take consistent action against tourists who see the great outdoors as a public toilet. The practice of paying outdoors is not in keeping with New Zealand’s image as a «one hundred percent pure» country, Nash told journalists. Many New Zealanders have long complained about so-called freedom campers who travel around the country in mobile homes without toilets and leave their excrement behind on the roadside or in parking lots. As part of a planned tourism reform, Nash plans to ban the rental of such mobile homes in the future. The minister suggested that visitors should use him as a role model before venturing out into the wilderness: «» I always go to the toilet before I leave the house. «» The reform of the Infection Protection Act has cleared the first hurdle.

In the Bundestag, a majority of 415 members voted for the reform in order to put the corona measures on a new legal basis in the future. 236 voted against, 8 abstained, as Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble announced. «» Goodbye Germany «» — star Danni Büchner and pop singer Ennesto Monté are a couple — but did not want to make it public. Now Büchner is «» annoyed «» about the publication «» by third parties «», but at the same time takes flight to the front. «» We both wanted to enjoy these feelings for each other first, let everything come to us in peace, give us time to get to know each other even better, «» she writes on Instagram and illustrates the stories with two kissing photos of the couple. Ennesto Monté is the new man at Danni Büchner’s side. (Photo: Instagram / dannibuechner) According to Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst, the concrete slab that fell onto a car on the A3 near Cologne was apparently too big. In order to get them attached during installation in 2007, they intentionally improvised. «In other words: something didn’t fit and that was made to fit,» said Wüst in the Landtag’s transport committee.

The minister again emphasized that the defective part was hidden and would probably not have been discovered even if it had been checked again. Six more panels, which were just as incorrectly attached, are to be dismantled from Thursday, according to Wüst. A 66-year-old Cologne woman died on Friday when the concrete slab fell from the wall on her car. Despite the corona pandemic, 14 people celebrated in tonight Hamburg had a loud pool party, then the police came. The officials were called to an apartment building in the Lokstedt district because of the disturbance of the peace. A swimming pool belongs to the building. Johanna Ohlau says goodbye after work, I take her place in the editorial office. My name is Uladzimir Zhyhachou, I’ll be there for you until late in the evening.

I wish you a wonderful afternoon! Some of the confiscated weapons. (Photo: Police Aachen) The police came across three professionally operated cannabis plantations and extensive weapons depots in the Aachen area. Eleven people were arrested and are now in custody. A spokesman for the public prosecutor said it was still unclear whether one could speak of a gang.

According to the investigators, two of the cannabis plantations alone had a harvest yield of over 170 kilograms with a street sales value of an estimated 1.5 million euros.

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