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Striker partner Werner made it better when he was played steeply after half an hour, narrowly avoided the offside, rounded the keeper and pushed in to lead. The template came from Amadou Haidara, one of five new players in the starting line-up compared to the 2-0 draw against Borussia Dortmund.

According to their counter-attack DNA, the Augsburg team focused on fast counter-attacks, but had too few chances without the stricken striker Florian Niederlechner. The best before the break was awarded by Rani Khedira, whose violent shot from around 20 meters was directed to the corner by Marcel Halstenberg (17th).

In the second section, things got hectic at first when referee Felix Brych put Augsburg’s Philipp Max off the pitch because of an alleged emergency brake. The referee appeared to be communicating with the video assistant but initially stuck to the decision. "Have a look yourself!"shouted Stefan Reuter from the bank and his managing director colleague Michael Ströll from the stands into the square. After a minute’s break, Brych actually went to the screen and revised the red card. Max, who was already on his way to the cabin, came back from the catacombs.

Shortly afterwards, he was allowed to be there when Vargas marked the equalizer with a long-range shot. But Werner was still there and scored a worthy second goal in his Bundesliga career. With the two hits number 94 and 95, he was also crowned RB top scorer.

For years the city of Augsburg has been struggling with immense cost increases in the renovation of its listed theater. Attempts were made several times to reduce costs by rescheduling. It has now become known that a huge hole in financing is still opening — in the worst case it is a three-digit million amount. The taxpayers’ association announced that the cost explosion is now a case for the next tax-wasting black book. Critics assume that a referendum against the expensive renovation may be launched shortly.

The city administration currently fears that the modernization of the theater, which was decided on for 186 million euros, could even cost more than 320 million euros after completion in the middle of the decade. The Free State, which has meanwhile promoted the former municipal theater to the state theater and is also significantly involved in the financing, nevertheless wants to stick to the previous plans. "We firmly assume that what was agreed upon will be implemented"says Art Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU). The Free State is on the side of the city of 300,000.

Years ago, the state announced that it would pay most of the construction costs calculated at the time — around 107 of the 186 million euros would have come from Munich. The grant should now increase significantly. It is not yet clear what amount. A spokesman for the finance ministry said on Wednesday that the amount of funding can only be determined once an auditable funding application has been submitted. "The project has not yet reached this procedural status."


The project consists of the ongoing modernization of the historic large house and planned new buildings. A second stage, workshops, warehouse and the theater administration are to be accommodated in these new buildings. Critics of the project are calling for savings in the new buildings and possibly using the two alternative venues currently in use on a permanent basis.

One of them is the bookseller Kurt Idrizovic, who was one of the heads of a referendum against the project that failed four years ago. The initiators had vehemently warned against the high costs at the time. "We would not have dreamed that our forecast would be exceeded"says Idrizovic about the latest calculations.

At the time, his request did not have enough supporter signatures. He doesn’t want to start a new referendum himself, but if others do so now, the bookseller believes that it would be much easier for them to get the necessary signatures. "There is a lot of pressure in the boiler", he says.

Bavaria’s taxpayer president Rolf von Hohenhau thinks that the million dollar increase in costs can only be applied to one "miserable planning" be due. The head of the federal government of taxpayers himself sat for the CSU in the Augsburg city council when the project with construction costs of 186 million euros was decided there. At that time, a risk reserve of 20 million euros was planned, reports Hohenhau. "Before the first stone was laid, the reserve was gone." A private client would be broke if he planned like this. "It can’t be normal"he criticizes.

The city administration has announced that the city council should discuss the next steps in the ongoing general renovation of the theater before the summer break.

Fight against relegation and for the places in the European Cup: In the Bundesliga, after the championship of FC Bayern, further decisions are pending during the week. All 18 clubs are playing at the same time today. Among other things, the Tables-15 receives. FSV Mainz 05 the penultimate Werder Bremen. Fortuna Düsseldorf (16th place) plays against FC Augsburg (14), who have six points more and a significantly better goal difference than their opponents. In the race to qualify for the Champions League, third-placed RB Leipzig welcomes second Borussia Dortmund.

At the Airbus subsidiary Premium Aerotec, around 1,000 jobs in Augsburg and a further 1,800 jobs in northern Germany are at risk. On Monday, the company specified a possible cut of up to around 2,800 jobs, which it had already announced last week. In this order of magnitude, the supplier had to adjust the capacities, it said.

According to the plans, Nordenham in Lower Saxony could be affected by the loss of jobs even more than the company headquarters in Augsburg, which currently has 3,300 employees, where 1,100 of 2900 jobs are at risk. In Varel, also in Lower Saxony, 540 of 1,500 jobs are on fire, in Bremen 160 of 420 employees could lose their jobs. At first she had "Augsburg General" reports on the distribution for the individual locations.

A few days ago Airbus announced that the company would cut 15,000 jobs worldwide due to the aviation crisis, 5100 of them in Germany. Premium Aerotec now hopes that the subsidiary can avoid a complete loss by extending short-time working to two years and additional research funds. The company produces lightweight components made of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber composites (CFRP) for civil and military Airbus models.

There has been unrest at Premium Aerotec for years, and jobs have already been cut. A sale of the Airbus subsidiary was also planned for a long time, but that never happened. Due to the stop of the A380 large-capacity passenger aircraft, orders in Augsburg were already lost before the Corona crisis. On the other hand, due to the connection to Airbus, the company cannot operate freely on the market.

The subsidiary currently has around 9,000 employees. There are other locations in Hamburg, where 70 employees work, and in Romania. Bavaria’s Labor Minister Carolina Trautner (CSU) wants to visit the company’s headquarters in Augsburg this Wednesday and discuss ways to secure jobs or to cut jobs in a socially acceptable manner. Her colleague, Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters), also said on Monday: "We fight for this to be socially acceptable." The company has already announced that it intends to negotiate a social plan with the works council.

Coach Heiko Herrlich absolutely wants to join FC Augsburg "a good feeling into the summer break" walk. After the already successful rescue from relegation, the current ninth season of the FCA in the Bundesliga is to have a "great result", that is, a home win on Saturday against RB Leipzig. "We no longer have negative pressure", said Herrlich on Thursday about the starting position for the season finale.

A year ago, Augsburg, who were already secured at the time, lost 8-1 at VfL Wolfsburg. Such a one "Slack" take what’s negative with you during the break, warned Herrlich. The 48-year-old, who replaced Martin Schmidt as coach before the Corona break, sees his short-term task in Augsburg as fulfilled. "For me it was about stopping the free fall. We have worked hard to be able to play in the Bundesliga against teams like Leipzig next season."

Goalkeeper Andreas Luthe is very likely to be out against Saxony, who have again qualified for the Champions League. The 33-year-old injured himself while training on goal, reported Herrlich: "Its use is more than questionable." For Luthe, the Czech Tomas Koubek could guard the Augsburg goal.

The police pulled a driver with more than three per thousand and without a driver’s license from traffic on Friday night. The man was noticed by a patrol in Augsburg because he was traveling without lights, the police said. Only after some time did he react to the stopping signals from the officials.

After an alcohol test, he resisted a blood sample, which is why the police temporarily arrested him. The man later admitted that, contrary to initial information, he had not forgotten his driver’s license, but rather had it taken off a year ago after a drunk driving. He is now being reported for drunk driving, driving without a license and resisting law enforcement officers.

Because she abandoned her baby in a meadow immediately after the birth, a 32-year-old woman has been standing before the Augsburg district court for attempted manslaughter since Tuesday. The woman’s defense attorney announced at the beginning of the trial that her client would comment on the crime in the course of the proceedings. However, the first day of the negotiation ended after a few minutes because an expert was missing.

In July 2019, the mother gave birth to the baby alone in a meadow near Blindheim (Dillingen district) and then left it there. The prosecution assumes that the woman wanted to let her boy die so that she would not have to look after the child. The baby was discovered by a local resident after 34 hours and flown in a life-threatening condition to the Augsburg University Hospital, where the child’s life could be saved.

The act as such is undisputed, said defense attorney Cornelia McCready after the hearing. Her client was mentally retarded and, according to an expert, at the level of a 12 to 14 year old. Therefore, the question is whether the mother should be classified as less criminally responsible. Four days of trial have been planned for the trial so far, the verdict is scheduled for July 21.

After a bomb threat in Augsburg city hall, the police gave the all-clear on Friday morning. "The search has ended, no dangerous objects were found"said a spokeswoman. Accordingly, the barriers around the town hall have also been lifted.

Previously, around 30 emergency services and two explosives detection dogs had searched the administrative headquarters for dangerous objects. The town hall had been evacuated after the city administration received a bomb threat via email on Friday night. The police spokeswoman initially did not want to provide any information on the content, with reference to ongoing investigations.

After an official ban on keeping cows there, a farming family from the Allgäu came to an agreement with the district administration in the course of legal proceedings. As a spokesman for the administrative court in Augsburg said on Thursday, the plaintiffs, a married couple and their son of legal age, are temporarily no longer allowed to keep animals independently, but are allowed to work on other farms. The family has meanwhile sold their own cattle.

In January, the Oberallgäu district office prohibited farmers from keeping and caring for cattle after several checks on the farm. A spokesman for the district authority in Sonthofen had stated at the time that the inspectors in the stables "dramatic conditions" would have found. Many of the 480 dairy cows and 100 calves are ill or malnourished, and around every second animal has claw problems due to poor husbandry. Overall prevailed "unsustainable hygienic conditions".

The family had sued against the ban. The negotiations were originally supposed to take place on March 31, but the process was canceled due to the corona pandemic. At a later hearing, an agreement was reached without a public hearing. Accordingly, the parents will only be allowed to help other farmers in the stable in the future. For the time being, the son is also only allowed to work as an employed farmer. If he proves himself, he may later be able to run a farm himself again.

On a whole series of farms in the Allgäu there have recently been violations of animal welfare. Several preliminary investigations are ongoing at the public prosecutor’s offices.

On suspicion of undeclared work, customs officers searched six company rooms and apartments in Oberallgäu. The investigation, which has been ongoing for five months, is currently affecting three people and two companies from the construction industry, the main customs office in Augsburg announced on Thursday. The assumed amount of damage is in the six-digit range. A spokeswoman did not want to give more details about the companies concerned with reference to the ongoing investigations.

Football national player Timo Werner equalized a record for Jupp Heynckes when he left the Bundesliga. His two goals for RB Leipzig’s 2-1 lead at FC Augsburg on Saturday were away goals 16 and 17 this season. According to league information, only Heynckes managed to achieve such a goal scoring abroad in the 1973/74 season.

More than half of the people in Bavaria fear that there could be a second wave of corona infections in the coming weeks and months. According to a representative survey by the polling institute Civey on behalf of the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Thursday) 56 percent of the people in the Free State state that they are afraid of a second wave of the coronavirus. At 31 percent, just under one in three declares that they are not afraid of a second wave of infections. The rest of the 1765 respondents are undecided on this question.

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