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It is only important that the slip does not pinch.


It is only important that the slip does not pinch.

Golden times are dawning

Watches have a very special style and a gentleman should never leave home without them. If you have a timepiece with a leather strap, it should definitely match your belt and shoes. The metal parts of the chronograph should also match those of the ring, cuffs and belt buckle. Even if a true gentleman knows what he wants, you don’t just have to choose one model. You should definitely own a dress watch for the suit. It has a flat housing that fits comfortably under your cuff. You should also call a sporty variant your own. You can then wear them casually on Casual Friday. Get yourself a piece of gold that just suits you. Ideally, you can also change the bracelet on this — depending on the occasion and outfit. So you will never be late for your rendezvous with the beautiful lady. After all, punctuality is still a golden rule today.

Perfect details from head to toe

Just one person is just as unique as you: the bespoke shoe. Made according to the individual wishes of the wearer, it adapts perfectly to your feet. Valuable craftsmanship and the best leather will always ensure a great appearance and you can’t even outweigh this with gold. Last but not least, you also need the unforgettable scent of a true gentleman. A good fragrance that is suitable for the wearer leaves a lasting impression and can decide in the first few seconds about sympathy, or perhaps more importantly, about your attractiveness in a pretty lady.

People are often suspected of resorting to savings packs when it comes to underwear. But those times are over! Ever since Calvin Klein made underwear a trend, it is no longer jacket like trousers that you wear underneath. Not only you benefit from this, but also the ladies who have long seen Feinripp. Our photo show shows that underwear is not only a hot topic for men in winter.

Underwear guide
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Just a few years ago, underwear for men was one of the fashionable stepchildren. You almost didn’t care what you were wearing underneath, and when you bought clothes that were already unpopular, they liked to go to the savings pack. Today’s man has finally sworn off the cheap six-pack. And that does not mean the washboard stomach, but the practical bulk pack with several briefs that only outdo each other in boring cuts and embarrassing patterns. Only 39 percent of men buy more than one item when it comes to underwear.

Now it’s your turn to do the laundry

A lot has happened in the underwear market over the past thirty years. Because why should only women have a lavish selection of pretty lingerie and men be satisfied with disdainful love killers?

Men can be sexy! Ever since designer Calvin Klein put the rapper Marky Mark in short retro shorts in the early 1990s and dusted off the old knickers, the topic of underwear for men has been on everyone’s lips and eyes. Due to the massive campaign, the sexy shorts were no longer hidden. On the contrary: underwear (with the right logo, of course) became a status symbol and now had to be presented.

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Just a matter of taste?

But not every boss thinks it is great when you let your short Bruno Banani briefs peek out between your shirt and suit trousers. That can even be expensive: UEFA recently fined the Dane Nicklas Bendtner to pay a fine of 100,000 euros for pulling up his shirt when celebrating a goal and thus advertising on his underpants. Likewise, not every woman likes supposedly cool shorts just because you can let everything dangle in them.

Also, not every man feels comfortable in supposedly sexy thongs, especially if the bottom is missing. But how do you find the right underpants?

The hit list of underpants The sporty man usually uses practical sports briefs and is thus in good company. After all, almost half of all men choose this variant. It is only important that the slip does not pinch. So never buy it too tight! If you believe the statistics, the classic fine rib still ranks second on the underwear hit list with 41 percent. When you consider that our society is getting older and that men over 60 make up a large part of it, the result is less surprising. A third of all men have plain-colored briefs, sexy retro pants and cool boxer shorts in their drawers. Fashion has definitely not left its mark on them. Rather a fashionable no-go and only very few men still have silly patterned boxer shorts and brightly colored briefs. The same applies to tight thongs. Love lust & Love killer

But what men like and what women want is sometimes in stark contrast. However, there is broad consensus on underwear. The majority of women like short shorts with a retro look, but you can also score points with them with plain-colored briefs. How good that most men always wear white (the older ones) or black (the younger ones) underpants. Quite surprisingly, the statistics reveal that the supposedly embarrassing thong is still popular with a third of women and the cool boxer shorts are probably too unsexy because they are not body-hugging enough. Then prefer a noble model made of fine silk. In general, you can put off women with patterns. So leave such models hanging in the shop right away. Old-fashioned longjohns have almost been forgotten: aside from their undeniably warming function, what makes them different from fashion trends,

The long johns have been making a real comeback for some time. And let’s be honest: Long women’s legs look twice as good.

The shirt with the pants In order to complete the underwear, theoretically the undershirt should not be missing. But only theoretically. As for the undershirt, it should be said: It’s out. As long as you wear it as such, namely underneath. Those who are reasonably well built can wear the classic fine rib shirt or a sporty piece made of microfiber as a T-shirt in summer

Carry replacement. Otherwise undershirts won’t work at all! Immediately the image of the sweaty officer in front of his eyes, who ekes out his existence in the boring shirt-tie look with glued undershirt between mountains of files. If you want to feel comfortable in your underwear, you should definitely pay attention to the right material. Classically, underwear is usually made of cotton, but it doesn’t always have advantages. The natural material is very absorbent, which means it absorbs your sweat quickly, but at the same time cotton dries quite slowly. Because men perspire more, they should use a shirt that has been specially equipped. Cellulose fibers such as viscose and modal dry faster, are softer and therefore much more comfortable to wear. In winter sports in particular, you cannot do without warming underwear. For this purpose, manufacturers have extra 2-phase laundry, in which the fiber that lies directly on the skin absorbs moisture quickly and transfers it to a second fiber just as quickly. Fine merino wool is also ideal in winter. It transports moisture away well and does not form any unpleasant odors. Special hollow fibers store air inside, which then act like small heating elements. For all other sports, underwear made from lightweight high-tech fibers such as Tactel, Meryl and Co. is ideal. They dry extremely quickly. Thanks to special equipment, they even have an antibacterial and odor-inhibiting effect.

Gold is back in fashion: Although the gold market has stalled a bit recently, the yellow precious metal has not lost its appeal. Noble accessories made of gold are more in demand than ever. We present the best men’s gold toys for the man of the world.

Golden times for connoisseurs
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The yellow metal has always been in demand as jewelry. The very courageous carry almost all of their savings with them in the form of jewelry or noble men’s toys.

Conservative classics

Gold cufflinks, for example, are always a real feast for the eyes. Here offers for example Bulgari a large collection. For the round 18-carat with black onyx and the typical lettering, which is supposed to be reminiscent of ancient Rome, you have to pay around 1900 euros. Another indispensable classic for the man of the world is the fountain pen with a gold nib: for example this "Masterpiece 149" from Montblanc. The fountain pen costs 660 euros and has a handcrafted 18-carat gold nib.

Daring experiments

Now we are leaving the conservative corner for a moment and for once we are a little frivolous. As decadent as the name Kiki de Montparnasse sounds, that’s what the parts look like. The designer recommends that the man of the world wear the key on a chain around his neck, while the lady wears handcuffs as a bracelet — or was it the other way around?

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Anyway, hopefully one of the two won’t stay chained up all day. The gold-plated shackles cost around 446 euros. They are not exactly suitable https://topadultreview.com/ for the office, but a nice gag for the woman by your side. When you have freed yourself and your partner from their shackles and are back at work, you can score with a very special paperweight: a golden skull. >>

However, it is better not to be employed in a brittle industry, otherwise this unusual tool could point your career into the eternal hunting grounds. For doctors with morbid humor, the design object by DeLaFée but powerful. It costs around 550 euros.

Gadgets in Gold If you have to report to the boss immediately because of the lewd grin of the skull on your desk, you can regain lost points with an iPhone case made of 24-carat gold. Wolf pack offers such a protective cover. It is made from Florentine cowhide leather with a 24-carat gold layer. The piece is made in Germany and can be had for 480 euros. Let’s stay a little longer in the world of technology. If the plastic of your iPad is too boring for you, you can shine golden at the next meeting. The Company Gold genius from London sells the iPad Mini with an expensive coating: either in 24 carat yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Of course, the same technology is used inside as usual. The noble piece is delivered in a wooden box with a piano lacquer coating. The gimmick is available for around 1880 euros. Of course, such a magnificent piece on the desk arouses the envy of all office intriguers. So it can’t hurt to have the Beretta dummy peek out of the shoulder holster every now and then. And of course it is also gold-plated — a homage to 50 years of James Bond, who always had the small Italian pistol in action before his operations with the Walter PPK. The replica is made of 24-carat gold and is limited to 50 pieces. The price of the "Golden gun" is the equivalent of around 2500 euros. Enjoyment in 24 carat

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to the topic of enjoyment. Gold genius from London is hard to beat when it comes to gilding beautiful things.

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