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How to Play PS2 Games on Your Windows PC_84


The best way to set up PCSX2 and run PS2 games onto your PC

within this tutorial will direct you through on how to run PS2 games on your PC with no mistakes.

Nowadays when you have a HIGH-END PC and you are planning to get a PS2 Console in the future. My advice for you players is not to

squander your money purchasing a PS2 console if you currently have a fantastic specification PC. Today with the support of these

wonderful developers PS2 EMULATOR now you can run PS2 games on your computer quickly and simple as though you apply the first PS2

console. Now let us skip the talking and let us get into this tutorial Fast. What is the PS2 Emulator?

PS2 emulator is a program or software created by several developers which enables you to conduct PS2 games onto your PC without

even purchasing a console. Specification Requirement for PS2 emulator

How to download PCSX2 emulator

* Firstly visit Google and search for PCSX2 emulator the very first link you will notice on Google is your official site.

* Or Click this link you’ll be redirected to this official website.

* Click download.

The best way to set up PCSX2 emulator

* Primarily operate the PCSX2 emulator you simply downloaded as Administrator, click Yes the PCSX2 app will start up.Join Us ps2 iso games website

* Click next to proceed, then click on install

* After you’re done installing the application run the application as administrator.

The best way to install PCSX2 bios and Plugins

* Firstly click this hyperlink to download the PCSX2 bios and Plugin.

* You will understand a pop-up like this on your display if you simply installed the PCSX2 program for the very first time.

* Click next

* Notice: if you have already installed a PCSX2 application on your computer until you will see this in your own display Scan or

import. Allow me to quickly explain what export and it’s all about, click import in the event that you simply set up PCSX2

program for the very first time and click on overwrite when you have an current settings of PCSX2 emulator you still want to

make use of.

* Pcsx2 plugins: Leave that on default and click next.

* Bios: This is the part where you take advantage of the bios you simply downloaded from this website.

* Click on browse and find the location you extracted the bios

Pick the folder and you will see the list of the bios in your PCSX2 emulator

Scroll down and select USA v02.00 2004 games, Click finish.

How to test if your plugins and bios are functioning correctly * Run PCSX2 program as administrator

* Click on CDVD that you will see a dropdown click No disc

* Click system you will see a dropdown Click boot CDVD full

* That’s all if your app display likes this means its working


* Once you are finished testing the bios and plug ins change No

disc to Iso.

The best way to run Ps2 games on your PC using PS2 emulator

* Primarily create a folder and copy the match that you want to run into that folder and paste it on your desktop

* Run your own PCSX2 program as administrator

* Click CDVD

* After clicking on CDVD that you will see a dropdown on your display, scroll right down to ISO SELECTOR into BROWSE

* Search for the folder you copied your PS2 game on your desktop or any other directory

* Open the folder and then double Click the game to open

* Now click SYSTEM on PCSX2 emulator

* That is all your game will be loaded correctly by now.


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tutorial please make sure you comment. Also comment down beneath the tutorial that you need me to do , as always remain amazing


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