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Rethinking education during Covid-19 times — Sparknews_4


Elevated levels of pandemic-induced anxiety, depression found in social networking postsAs we interact more — and more often — with our digital technologies, these interactions tell us a lot about who we are. Could we examine behaviour on social websites for mental health insights? Researchers Munmun De Choudhury and Koustuv Saha talk about their latest analysis of the psychosocial effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, as gleaned from Twitter. Taking cues from early childhood development to construct improved robotsRobots already work on factory floors, in serious conditions, and cleaning the ground, but to really interact with people, they are likely to have to comprehend that our world. In How To Grow a Robot, Mark Lee writes we ought to appear to developmental psychology for classes. Along with roboticist Chad Jenkins is focusing on teaching robots how exactly to do with allowing them observe humans. How the pandemic has resulted in a resurgence of nostalgiaThroughout the pandemic we’ve seen a resurgence of contemporary hobbies like bread making, tie-dyeing clothes, and visiting the drive-in. What’s nostalgia our normal response in times of crisis? And, fix those jetpacks! A look at the sudden nostalgic pleasures of our previous dreams of the future. Bored and lonely? Researcher says online games may help us socialize safely during the pandemicConnecting together with others over internet games may help combat Rethinking education during Covid-19 times — Sparknews the stress and social isolation of this pandemic — and computer scientist and electronic games writer Regan Mandryk says you don’t need to be a gamer to experience the benefits. Can deepfake technician be used permanently? Artist creates’imaginary reckoning’ for people figuresDeepfake technology can make it seem like people are doing and saying things they are not. Can it be used for good? Deep Reckonings, a string created by artist Stephanie Lepp, imagines controversial public characters with reckonings employing synthetic videos. AudioPOV | The Way Animal Crossing helps you escape the stress of this pandemicSpark producer Olsy Sorokina explains why open-ended movie games may be quite so appealing during stressful times. Truth corrosion: How electronic technologies are helping shatter our shared awareness of realityPolarization and filter bubbles are ruining our shared sense of reality. Does this imply society is headed toward a condition of psychosis? It is possible to be’time smart’ by changing one small habit at a time, says authorEven though North Americans have more leisure time than ever, many people feel chronically time-crunched, focusing on work at the cost of significant leisure time together with other individuals. Behavioural scientist Ashley Whillans studies the association between money, time, and enjoyment. In her new book, she describes how we can avoid the’time traps’ that lead to burnout, and lack of free time

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