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One Punch Man’s Workout: Science Behind Saitama Workout


One Punch Man Workout is one of the most engaging training plans you’ll see.

Defying the laws of many personal trainers This One Punch Man Workout is an alternative workout that has made a Manga characternamed Saitama the most powerful man in the world.

He travels on a lonely path that is super-hero-like and is able to take down enemies with one punch.

For this piece, we’ll talk about the story of The One Punch Man Workout, what it can do for you, what muscles it activates, how practical it is for you, what you must eat and how the Saitama Workout can be done all the time!.

Saitama’s Story

Unemployed, 22 years old Japanese person who is determined to be an eminent superhero.

But to become Superman, he needs to strengthen himself. It is only possible through an intense workout.

Following his return from a rejected post-interview, this man ran into Crablante who was a Mysterious being who changed into a humanoid claw after eating the crab too much and undergoing transformation.

Crablante was about to eat someone else, but Saitama stops him. After a successful battle Saitama pulls the eye of Crablante by wearing a tie, and defeated the crabman. This is what inspires Saitama’s to pursue his ambition and become a superhero.

That’s how the Saitama Workout was invented.

However, Saitama has a dark side.by link https://nerdbot.com/2022/06/11/the-one-punch-man-workout/ website

Despite being the strongest man Saitama was unsatisfied. He was so strong that they could defeat a foe by a single punch. There was nothing that could stop the man, which made him hollow inside and life lacking in satisfaction.

How did Saitama become the world’s strongest man?

Saitama followed a program of exercise that lasted three years. He eventually became the world’s most powerful man.

He did the workout every everyday. After a couple of years, he was so strong that it was difficult to keep his hair. However, that did not hinder him. He began to realize that he was becoming a super-hero.

What exactly is exactly the Saitama Workout?

One Punch Man Workout

100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

10 Km run.


You don’t have to do this from the beginning. In the following article, we’ll guide you through 100 reps.

What is the best way to One Punch Man Workout make you stronger?

If you are hoping you are able to knock down any human using a single strike then it’s possible without exercising routine.

Although that’s not really the issue, what is the Saitama Workout is slightly radical as compared with other exercises. For example, the workout doesn’t provide rest days. It is high in reps, as well as the exact workout is performed every day.

A principle that is based on overload, specificity and physiology of exercising does support the working the same muscle every day. Research has shown that working-compound exercises are more efficient if they are regularly performed.

The mitochondrial capacity and oxidative capacity get more intense with frequent training.

Never use an air conditioner in hot summer months, or for heat in the winter. So you can boost your mental strength — Saitama

Exercise training is an adaptive process. During regular exercise, the body’s body adapts to the changing environment. But, this requires lots of effort and sacrifice.

Athletes who are extremely agile engage in intense training like this training larger muscle groups every day. These include boxers MMA fighters, calisthenics masters.

100 reps with a 10km run isn’t the most difficult exercise. But, it is an extensive amount of work in the beginning.

In spite of your fitness goals follow the Saitama Workout workout will boost your fitness level to its best levels.

What Can One Punch Man Workout help you?

If you’re in search of the strength, endurance, and slim body, take a look at the Saitama Workout will be fun that will be motivating and extremely rewarding.

With each compound exercise it covers every major muscle in the upper body, lower body, and the core.

As you can see from the image The three bodyweight compound exercises encompass all the principal muscles.

For Push Ups, shoulders, traps, delts, and upper abs

Sit-Ups: Abs, obliques, lower back

Squats: Hamstrings, quads calves, hips back, knees

Run 10 miles will boost your endurance by increases the VO2 (maximum level of oxygen consumption) and mitochondrial capacity for oxidation.


These are just a few of the benefits to One Punch Man Workout and reasons to consider it.

Cardiovascular health: Running will enhance the heart muscles. When you run your heart pumps blood faster to your lungs and across the body. The flow of blood increases to your muscles, and oxygen levels rise in your blood.

Endurance training: A consistent workout can help you build endurance. Much like running affects your heart, training can help build strong muscles. Research shows that greater reps adapt quicker to training, especially when it comes to endurance training.

A simple and easy workout Other than the physiological and health benefits this workout is easy to follow. A single workout routine every day. It’s much easier for trainers to work out when he knows what to do and what to think about the results.

Bodyweight exercise is appreciated due to their compound advantages and flexibility to perform them anyplace. Wherever you arelocated, there’s no excuse and can do it daily.

Affirmation and Fun: The training can be fun since you’re aware of the challenge and keep going every day. When you finish your workout everyday, it will give you a sense of achievement. Also, you can proudly boast to people on what you are doing, though they might think you’re crazy.

It’s a crazy workout and it can be a worry for those who overtrain, or have muscles injuries and soreness.

Injuries and overtraining

Exercises that are compound as described on the One Punch Man Workout are regular , everyday exercises that family members have been doing for centuries every day.

Therefore, if do this regularly, over time your body’s structure will change exactly as it did for prehistoric ancestors.

In fact, if you train the same muscle every day can lead to muscle soreness as those exercises are not natural and might not be effective in the majority of cases.

The workouts are compound and can be performed regularly in daily life. The gradual increase in stress won’t cause fatigue, soreness and injury.

You can begin slowly and not overtrain yourself.

Guide to a 100 Reps

Making it 100 in one go is foolish on the first or the first few days. However, you can push your way towards 100 reps.

There’s two approaches that you can go about it:

  • Break it into sets
  • Minutes for resting at set

First Week

20 Reps x 5 sets each for each workout.

3 minutes of relaxation in between.

Three times per week

Second Week

25 reps with 4 sets

For a couple of minutes, you can rest.

4 times a week

In the remaining weeks review your performance as you go along: reduce the set and rest times.

The aim is to complete up to 100 reps within one exercise, but it could come just as slow as it require.

According Saitama’s view, the main thing is to work on it everyday! However, it is possible to take your time reaching there.

How do I get 10Km?

Running is one of the most important aspects to the Saitama Workout. It is not common for people to run every day for 10 miles.

However, it’s possible to take it slow. Saitama says it’s going to be difficult, but the benefits can’t be beat.

First Week

Start with 3-5 kilometers

Three times per week

Second Week

5-7 km

Four times a week

For the next few weeks, gradually raise intensity and length.

When you realize that you’ve been unable to keep up with your 3-4 times each week, then try your hand at it daily. It may take several months.


The distance should be increased by 10% each week.

Try to sprint at 60-70% of your sprint speed.

Slow down when losing breath.

Saitama’s Diet

Saitama speaks about diet in one sentence.

Eat three meals daily and avoid skipping breakfast (a banana in the morning can be a good choice).

There’s plenty of wisdom to that statement. Take whatever you want, breakfast is essential, and bananas are a stimulant.

We recommend that you consume at minimum .8g per pound body weight. Before working out, you should consume some carbohydrates and vegetables to ensure the right diet.


One Punch Man inspires many of its fans to become superheroes.

However, looking up on the internet, no one appears to have tried the the routine regularly, and we’ve yet to had a chance to see a live demonstration.

The exercises are simple it is easy to do and less difficult than the more challenging one. There are many athletes and mixed martial artists who undergo more rigorous training.

Science and other similar exercises talk of its benefits. The Saitama Workout is a reality and one of us should explore it and try it out.

Let us know what think about the One Punch Man Workout.

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