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You will receive both the background and the mobile variant of the preset. I edit all my Instagram pics with my customized made Lightroom presets. My Tropical Sunsets preset adds warm orange and pink tones to enhance your sunset and sunrise journey photos. If you want to share the photographs you edit with my preset with me, tag me — I’m @fashiontravelrepeat. Can not wait to find out what you create! FAQs for Utilizing Presets What Are Presets? Presets are filters for your photos that you could use from Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a personal computer application and app that provides you with an wonderful amount of control over editing your photos. Unlike using a filter within an app like VSCO, you are able to use a Lightroom preset into your photo and have total flexibility to continue editing the photograph until it appears exactly the way you want it. I use presets to edit all my Instagram pictures. First off, it saves me a ton of time since I don’t have to edit each photograph individually from scratch. Secondly, I use the same few presets for each of my Instagram pictures. That helps me get a consistent colour scheme and flow to my Instagram feed. What is Lightroom? Lightroom is a photo editing and process personal computer application and program. In my opinion, it is the best picture editing program for beginner photographers as well FREE Sunrise Preset Lightroom as professional photographers. Is Lightroom Free? The desktop version of Lightroom costs about $10 a month as part of a package that also includes Photoshop. The Lightroom program is totally free. Can the Preset Work on Phone Photos? Yes, even the preset is going to work on pics you choose on your cell phone. When you choose a photo on your phone, it’s generally in JPEG format. This preset works for both JPEG and RAW photographs. Personally, I take all of my pictures in RAW format on a camera. If you shoot your photos in RAW format on a camera, then you will have more control over your editing compared to if you edit a telephone photo/JPEG. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FREE PRESET FILES MUST BE DOWNLOADED FIRST ONTO A COMPUTER. YOU CAN THEN AIRDROP THE MOBILE PRESET TO YOUR PHONE. Making Adjustments Editing in Adobe Lightroom is not a one size fits all approach. Every photo is different, so after implementing my Sunsets preset or some additional preset, you want to make some small alterations. Consider playing around with all the heat, vulnerability, saturation and colour tones in the picture until you receive your desired outcome. You could even adjust the colours in the photo separately — you can also try playing around with the saturation and hues of the orange and pink tones till you are happy with your photo. Love This Article? Pin It!

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